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12 Keys to an Unstoppable Team

Perception is NOT Reality


{{expand}}Like just about every young person on this planet, I grew up thinking that the view of the world my senses transmit to me is “reality”. Gradually this notion was transformed through education and experience. In my university physics classes I learned how different the reality of our universe is from my perception of it. Solid objects? They’re mostly empty space. Visible light? That’s just the part of the electromagnetic spectrum that my eyes can detect. Since then I’ve found plenty of examples of how easily our perception of reality is distorted by the way our miraculous brains work. Optical illusions provide a powerful example of this. As a result of my experiences I now understand that there are everyday situations in which I can’t accurately see, hear, count, or add. As a result I’ve developed a healthy skepticism about what my brain tells me is “reality”, a great deal more humility about what I know to be “true”, and a more open mind. Very handy!